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Frequently Asked Questions

How long may I receive services?

You may receive services throughout your pregnancy and through your child's 1st birthday.


Do I have to qualify for services based on my income?

No. Our services are free for those who meet our other qualifying requirements, regardless of income .


Do I have to be a resident of Johnson County to obtain services?

No. PSCJC serves clients who also live in our surrounding counties; due to our mountainous area, we understand we might be your closest pregnancy center.


Do you accept donations?

Yes, we do. We are very thankful for all donations of clothing, diapers, wipes, monetary donations, and baby equipment. Please have any of the above in 'new' or like-new condition. We do not have the time or resources to process items that have to be cleaned extensively or do not pertain to babies. Clothing accepted from Preemie sizes to 18-24 months.


How much does it cost to come here?

There is no charge once you become a client by meeting the requirements of our program.



What are the requirements to become a new client?

The only requirement to become a client at our center is that you must be currently pregnant or have a baby under one year old. If you are expecting and coming in for your first visit, please tell us if you have ever been to our facility in the past, your legal name, your date of birth and the best phone number to reach you. This is so we may add you in our computer system and make your appointment.


What must I bring with me to my very first appointment?

You need to bring in your Photo ID for us to copy and proof of pregnancy or complete a pregnancy confirmation test in our Center.



How do I make an appointment?

  • Click on the tab labeled Appointments.

  • Choose which day and time you want to come in to the center.

  • Fill out your personal information.

  • Under comments, please list the reason for your appointment.  i.e.  Monthly Appointment, Mommy Mart Shopping Only, Crib Pick Up, New Client first visit, etc.

  • The program will automatically send you a verification code to your email that you need to enter on the screen to confirm your appointment.

  • If you do not have an email, you will either need to set up a free email account with yahoo, Gmail etc. or you will need to call us at 423-727-8600 to request your appointment.



What if I have a new pregnancy while being a client at the center?

You will continue receiving services for your current child until they turn one year old. At that time, we will begin you a new file for the new pregnancy.



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